Cities: Skylines II Revealed, Releasing Later This Year

At the end of the Paradox Announcement Show broadcast, Paradox Interactive has announced that developer Colossal Order is working on the sequel to the city-builder Cities: Skylines.

Cities: Skylines II was revealed with a cinematic trailer (so no real gameplay), but it’s saying what you expect. The ability to build a city and watch it grow will remain at the center of this sandbox game. There are transport and economy systems, and mod support.

Cities: Skylines II is also selling itself as “the most realistic city simulation ever created”.

Cities: Skylines, first released in 2015 on PC, has now become the de-facto city-builder game, just when SimCity lost its footing in 2013 and remain dormant since. Cities Skylines now has sold 12 million copies across PC and consoles. 5.5 million of those came from only last year.

Cities: Skylines II will have some big shoes to fill. On March 10, the eighth birthday of Cities: Skylines, more info about the game will be shared. Hopefully some proper gameplay will be shown.

Cities: Skylines II will release sometime this year on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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