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Overwatch League- San Francisco Team Announces New Roster


The sole San Francisco team for the Overwatch League, owned by NRG Esports, has now announced the list of players signed to play in the ambitious new esports league. Player contracts for Overwatch League are different from previous contracts any player have signed, which meant even organisations like NRG which has an active roster have the ability to find new players and drop current ones.

The video introduction featured Shaquille O’ Neal, Jennifer Lopez, football star Marshawn Lynch and Micheal Strahan, all investors of NRG. NRG recently received $15 million USD worth of investments.

The San Francisco team has signed eight players, made out of some veterans of the Overwatch scene that was active since last year, and young new bloods. So young, that two of the players, Jay “sinatraa” Won and Matthew “super” DeLisi, will only be able to play in the league once they reach their eighteen birthdays in spring next year.

The full team are:

  • Daniel “dhaK” Paz (Support)
  • David “nomy” Ramirez (Tank)
  • Matthew “super” DeLisi (Tank)
  • Andrej “babybay” Francisty (DPS)
  • André “iddqd” Dahlström (DPS)
  • Dante “Danteh” Cruz (DPS)
  • Nikola “sleepy” Andrews (Support)
  • Jay “sinatraa” Won (DPS)

In other news, the Shanghai team has been the first to announce its new brand and logo for Overwatch League, now known as the Shanghai Dragons.