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Overwatch League- Shanghai Dragons Is The First To Announce New Branding And Logo


To keep in line with the geo-located teams for the Overwatch League, each franchise owner was instructed to create their very own branding for use in the league.

The Shanghai team owned by NetEase is the first out of the gate to announce. They are now the Shanghai Dragons, otherwise known as 上海龙之队 in Chinese.

“In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes the spirit of that which is sacred, powerful, and supreme,” reads the press statement by the newly minted team.

“The Shanghai Dragons’ logo combines the team’s name and a dragon figure to call upon the history of this symbol. The letter S outlined by the body of the dragon represents Shanghai, and the smooth line design is a nod to the strategic skill and flexibility of the team.

“Furthermore, red is present as a theme color for the Shanghai Dragons’ logo in order to emphasize its Chinese connection. ”

Shanghai Dragons have yet to announce their roster at the moment, though several teams in the Overwatch League has confirmed their players beforehand.

Overwatch League will start off with a series of exhibition matches in December, with its inaugural season to start January next year.