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Overwatch League – Cheers Love, The London Spitfrire Is Here


Cloud9, owners of Overwatch League’s London spot, has unveiled their new team branding. And it is so brilliant because it ties so well to the history of Great Britain as well tying it up with the game’s own lore. That Tracer skin featured on the header is a big hint.

The Spitfire name pays homage to the iconic aircraft used by the Royal Air Force of Britain. The team logo looks like a military badge, featuring the namesake plane. Tracer, Overwatch’s poster girl, is also a pilot and a former RAF member within the game’s lore. The light blue, black and orange colour scheme is also a nod to her main colours, as well as Cloud9. Even the Cloud9 name fits the rest of this imagery of military planes.

The organisation had saw large success in the early days of Overwatch, being home to one of the best roster in North America next to EnVyUs (now Dallas Fuel). They later bought an EU team in the form of Laser Kittenz, then took in South Korean team Kongdoo Pantera and rebranded as C9 Kongdoo.

London Spitfire has yet to reveal its roster at the time of the announcement.