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No Straight Roads, An Epic Game Store Exclusive? Well, Maybe


Well, this could be interesting.

During an event held by MDEC earlier today, Metronomik was present to showcase their newest acquisition for their hybrid music adventure game, No Straight Roads, in the form of a new publisher, Sold Out Games.

Based in London, the CEO of the company, Gary Williams, has stated in a video shown during the event that he and his team are excited to work and support the Bangsar South based developers by helping to publish the retail edition of the gameand also said that the Malaysian team is “about to go with a special deal with Epic”, which feels like an exclusivity announcement there.

But during our one-to-one interview with the Wam Hazmer himself later on, he has this to say:

Well, It’s not yet certain yet. We just said “Maybe…” but we’ll announce it real soon. Whether is it exclusivity or something else,we will announce it quite soon. – Wan Hazmer, CEO of Metronomik

Curious side step? Perhaps but in any case, No Straight Roads will release for the PS4 and PC sometime in 2020 with a demo coming out around the same time.