Nintendo Switch: No Games Installation,Digital Games limited To One Console

Some good news and bad news for upcoming owners of the Nintendo Switch. With the release date closing in fast, Destructoid confirms that all Switch Cartridges won’t require a mandatory install before playing, unlike it’s competitors. This means that the game (excluding the updates needed for the game) is ready to play from the moment you put in the cartridge into the Switch, but probably won’t be for digital as the game would have to be installed into system for it to play.

Speaking of Digital, during a recent press event in New York, a question is asked weather a parent could buy a 2nd Switch for their children but still share their games across both systems. The short answer was No.

Nintendo Planning Manager Shinya Takahashi explained that currently they don’t have a system like that in place for the Switch but haven’t made any final decisions about how to approach that going forward in the future. So sharing games between systems is a no go for now and all digital games are still connected to one console like before.

It’s quite interesting to see Nintendo clarifying a few key points coming towards it’s release date on 3rd March, weather these points influence you guys into buying/not buying the Switch, let us know in the comments below!

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