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New Social Features For Now Live


Long live Blizzard’s PC client has been through some name changes recently, but the name has since stick. The client will still continue to evolve, as Blizzard just introduced new social features integrated in

Players can now form groups and group chats within the client rather than using 3rd-party alternatives like Discord. Each account can now has a profile page and an avatar you can customise. Chats can also be done through the new mobile app available on iOS and Android devices.

Gifting is also possible with the new update. Giftable items such as Overwatch loot boxes or Hearthstone card packs can be purchased and gifted to other players. Lastly, you can now appear offline- should you want some alone time from friends while still be online.

All these features are now live, so you should get an update the next time you logged back into