New Predator Gaming Chair Can Give You Back Massages, Powered By OSIM

Gaming chairs are either cool things or over-branded racing seat. But Acer has figured out how to innovate the humble gaming chair.

Announced at this year’s next@Acer live stream, Acer has teamed up with massage appliance brand OSIM to make a new Predator gaming chair. That’s also a massage chair.

Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM features “V-Hand Massage Technology” that mimics a pro masseuse’s hands, and can knead, press, roll and tap the whole back of the body.

You can adjust the settings on the buttons set on the right-arm rest. The massages come in three preset programs- Neck & Shoulders, Lumbar and Energize. Custom spot-massages can also be employed, if you just want the chair to hit that one spot.

The Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM comes with two Bluetooth speakers, so you can game while being massaged without needing a headphone on. Such a comforting thought.

When you thought that you’ve seen peak gaming chair with the Predator Thronos, somehow Acer found another way to innovate, without going too ludicrous this time. The newer Predator Thronos Air did debut with an included massage chair, but now we know what exactly the massage chair is, and we also know that it’s not exclusive to the Thronos Air.

No word on price and release date yet.


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