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New Monster Hunter World Update Now Live, Featuring Content From The Witcher III


Monster Hunter World continues to provide free updates and collaboration events. As announced in the special livestream back in December last year, an update has now arrived on PS4 and Xbox One, featuring content from The Witcher III.

The Witcher X Monster Hunter World collaboration event includes an all-new questline for players with Hunter Rank 15 and above. The quest involves you playing Geralt of Rivia hunting down a Leshen. Think of it as a Witcher quest, but in Monster Hunter. And it also has dialogue choices, interestingly enough.

Completing this quest, called “Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest” will earn you rewards including crafting materials for Geralt’s armour and weapon, a unique skin and weapon for your Palico, new gestures, titles, pose, and guild card background.

Later on February 15th, a limited-time event multiplayer mission called “Contract: Woodland Spirit”, you have to take down a different type of Leshen. This will last until March 1st and completing this will earn you crafting materials for Ciri’s armour and weapon.

So you get to play as Geralt which includes his silver sword and witcher signs, fight a Witcher enemy in a Witcher style questline and unlock equipment based on Witcher characters. If you’re already a fan of CD Projekt’s game series and are playing Monster Hunter World, it’s worth checking out. Plus, it’s free.

All of the content will arrive on PC at a later date.

Source: The Witcher