New F1 2019 Screenshots Finally Show The Proper, Realistic Models Of The F1 Cars

F1 2019 is coming out later this month, and Codemasters have shared new images of all the cars in the 2019 season. Properly this time.

When they released the trailer for the annual racing game, the models used were still placeholders. Show those cars to a genuine F1 nerd and they’ll cringe on the missing bits and bobs on the car. But the new screenshots, thankfully, do justice to each of the ten teams.

The most obvious is Mercedes. Its front wing nose has a distinct shape in which it doesn’t have the three prongs of most cars, is slightly thinner but has a slight circular bulge just right at the silver arrows logo.

Here’s a comparison of an earlier screenshot using the placeholder model, the finalised one in F1 2019, and the real deal. Those little details matter.

The rest of the grid is also getting the same treatment. Alfa Romeo Racing has those “eye-lashes” aero elements just before the car body slopes down at the front. Racing Point’s ginormous slits in the front-wing nose are apparent. Red Bull Racing’s S-Duct- the wide vent just below their racing number, is obviously apparent. And Williams’ awkward-looking indent at the back of the sidepods is as it should.

(The liveries are missing some sponsors. Tobacco and gambling brands are not seen in the game, as always)

It’s interesting that the car models are one of the last things to finalise in a game like this.

Other than that, Codemasters also shared a few screenshots comparing the vastly improved lighting model in this year’s game.

With F2 and a huge list of classic F1 cars available, this year’s F1 game should be the meatiest yet. F1 2019 will be out on June 28th for the PS4, PC (Steam) and Xbox One.

Source: Codemasters


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