New eGG Network Show Is About Fighting Game Pros And Malaysian Gamers Playing Street Fighter V

Title: Project Fight Club

At SEA Major yesterday, eGG Network announced a new show coming to its gaming/esports TV channel. Dubbed Project Fight Club, it is a 10-episode fighting game tournament with a reality TV spin. Something like what ELEAGUE did early this year but with a different format.

Capcom is officially involved, licensing the use of Street Fighter V.

Project Fight Club is essentially a showmatch tournament involving these pro players. But with a lot of curveballs being thrown their way, like random character selection, with an unknown prize at stake. Plus, the pros have to portray a “character” on-camera as well with an overarching plot of sorts.

The players involved are:

  • Marn
  • Justin Wong
  • Oil King
  • Humanbomb
  • Rose Ma
  • Xian
From left to right: eGG Network host and Project Fight Club cast member Farraz, Marn, Oil King, Humanbomb, Justin Wong and Xian.

Alongside that, members of the Malaysian Fighting Game Community are also involved. So be ready to cheer our hometown boys with.. interesting.. choice of in-game names such as Hentai Tail (pictured in the header, don’t ask for the context) and the now-famous wrestling game streamer Janda Hunter.

We have heard of some new content relating to the FGC and the network early this year. The shooting was done in two weeks in Malaysia.

Project Fight Club is a ten episode series premiering on eGG Network, channel 808 on Astro starting November 20th.

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