More People Started Playing Online Solitaire During Lockdown, Survey Finds

Video games are getting more popular these days as the whole world is under lockdown due to the global pandemic (though there’s hope that won’t be for long). But it’s not just your traditional video games that saw the boom in numbers., a website hosting free games of the famous card game Solitaire (and 500 other Solitaire-like games), have reported a similar surge among their userbase as well.

The site recently ran a survey of its regular playerbase. Of the ones that responded, 60% of them have been playing more Solitaire than ever before. And 59% said to have played more Solitaire on the site after lockdown started.

Also, 42% of responders only got into Solitaire after lockdown started. That’s entirely new players that just got into the card game, thanks to the current global situation we are having for the past year.

It’s interesting to see casual games sites like Solitaired are getting a surge of players. Though the survey also saw 69% of the survey respondents not considering it a video game at all. So the site has been attracted more casual players, or folks who wouldn’t consider themselves gamers.

Between this and Nerts! Online, card games in video game form have been increasingly popular these days.

Solitaired is available on, or can be played through the free app for Android.

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