Zachtronics’ Latest Game Is Free-To-Play Competitive Solitaire, Nerts! Online

Indie devs Zachtronics are known for their puzzlers that sometimes can double up as an introduction to programming. And they also love solitaire.

So they ended up making an online version of a variant of competitive solitaire, Nerts, to play among the team while working from home in 2020. Now they polished up their hobby game into a full, free-to-play release.

Nerts! Online is completely free to download on Steam here, but technically you can unlock card backs by owning other games. “Let’s pretend that’s a legitimate monetization strategy,” the Steam description reads.

If you want to play Solitaire with buddies online (something that’s very, very niche, if we’re being honest) now there’s a game for that. But who knows, with it being free-to-play this might find an audience.

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