Mobile Card Game Marvel Duel Entering Closed Beta In Thailand And Philippines On March 19th

NetEase, in collaboration with Marvel Games, is making a free-to-play mobile card game. Called Marvel Duel, it will be entering closed beta test soon.

Marvel Duel combines the vast cast of super heroes and super villains of the Marvel universe- over 150 characters. Playable characters include Thor, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord.

But it’s not just a 2D jpeg of the cast. You also get to see the battle unfold with 3D models. Like most card games, there is deck-building involved where you can mix and match characters with different equipment, abilities, and traps.

For players new to the genre, Marvel Duel will also have step-by-step tutorials that will guide players and give hints as they progress further.

So far, Marvel Duel is rolling out its closed beta test in Thailand and the Philippines, starting March 19th. More information and upcoming updates can be found on their official website here.

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