Metal Wolf Chaos Was Designed To Be An Accessible Mech Game That’s Easier Than Armored Core

There’s a good reason why Metal Wolf Chaos had a cult following. Of course, the so-campy-it’s-funny dialogues and over-the-top setup of a USA President single-handedly taking down a coup attempt with his personal mecha is already absurdly good. But it’s also a very fun, simple, action game about mechs.

Speaking to PC Gamer,  director of the 2004 original Xbox exclusive Masanori Takeuchi said that Metal Wolf Chaos was intended to bring the Armored Core experience, but without it being too complex. Before developers From Software becomes famous for the Souls games, the mech action game Armored Core was their claim to fame.

“From Software had created the Armored Core series, a separate mech game,” he said. “But the mission for Metal Wolf Chaos specifically was that as we released sequels to Armored Core, we realised there was an audience who were interested in playing mech games. The AC series, however, was a little too complex for them. 

“The mission for this, then, was to create a From Software mech game that was accessible. Something that’s very easy to pick up and play, with an arcadey feel, that lets those players indeed feel badass.”

Players can experience Metal Wolf Chaos again with a remaster, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One next year.

Source: PC Gamer

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