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Marvel’s Spider-Man New Trailer Shows Off Its Take Of New York City


This trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man gives you a glimpse of the vast open world of New York City. And it’s certainly big and fully detailed. Framed as a conversation of J.Jonah Jameson, who in this universe hosts a podcast called Just The Facts, he has a back-and-forth conversation with a certain Peter… Paterson about Spider-Man and how he treats the city.

It’s both flashing out narrative and also a showcase of the open world which features landmarks from the real-life city and some landmarks from the Marvel universe. You get to see some of Spidey’s swinging abilities, the collectibles that needs collecting (backpacks) and the crowd interaction you can have when on foot.

When we said that the city feels alive with pedestrians reacting to your presence in our first impressions, this is what we meant. Even going for a jolly stroll on foot should be an interesting time spent.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be swinging by to stores on September 7th exclusively on the PS4.