Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Features A Bigger New York, Instant Hero Switching, Faster Traversal Options

In the lead-up to the September 2023 State Of Play broadcast, PlayStation pre-empted expectations by saying the show is focused third-party titles. Which it did, but they also sneaked in a new trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

This trailer is a gameplay breakdown on what’s improved of the moment-to-moment gameplay in the open-world, New York City. For one, the map has been expanded beyond Manhattan island to include two other famous boroughs: Queens and Brooklyn.

And with more land comes more methods of traversing the city. In addition to web-swinging, Spider-Man, both Peter and Miles, can equip themselves with Web Wings, a wingsuit, to traverse the city faster.

On the topic of the 2 Spider-Men in Spider-Man 2, you can switch between the two Spider-heroes instantaneously. Some activities and side stories are only for Miles or for Peter, while others accommodate either hero.

As for abilities, Peter makes use of his new Symbiote powers and Spider-Arms (like Doc Ock’s mechanical appendages but less tentacle-y), while Miles has improved Venom abilities.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will launch with 65 different suits, some original, some being callbacks to Spidey’s appearance in other media. There’s also Suit Styles this time, which allows suits to have alternate colour shades. Which brings the total of suits to over 200.

Also, while Kraven The Hunter and Venom appear as the main antagonists for this game, developers Insomniac Games teases that there may be more to come when it comes to adversaries you’ll be facing.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 releases on October 20 for the PS5.

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