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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Is A Wacky Turned-Based Strategy Game


What a mashup. Not only is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle a bold mashup that not many would expect, the development is handled by a developer team from an already established publisher. Ubisoft finally announced it at its E3 press conference.

But the best part isn’t the wacky circumstance our Italian plumber has landed with the Rabbids arriving, but it looks like a competent XCOM-like turned-based strategy game. For those not familiar with the game, which just announced a new expansion, each character can spend their turn moving or taking an action, including staying in place and automatically attack once an enemy enter their range (in XCOM term, Overwatch).

It looks like a competent strategy game with plenty of choices, full-fledged skill trees, various party members and weapons to choose from. Outside of combat there is simple exploration where you get to see what happened to the Mushroom Kingdom once the Rabbids crash landed, and collect coins.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will arrive on August 29 for the Switch.