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Malaysian-Made JRPG-Sim Re:Legend To Be Published By 505 Games


Re:Legend is a “JRPG-sim” in veins of Harvest Moon, but you get to train, capture and breed cute litle monsters called Magnus. Developer Magnus Games first pitched the idea to the Square Enix Collective, the indie incubator program before heading to Kickstarter where it garner bigger success- it is the biggest Kickstarter project from Southeast Asia.

Yesterday, it was announced that it will be working with 505 Games as its publisher. The Italian company has helped some good games to be out in the market, including racing sim Assetto Corsa and the upcoming sequel Assetto Corsa Competizione.

The indie team is based here in Malaysia.

Re:Legend has yet to have a firm release date, however. Re:Legend is set to arrive on PC first, with plans for a PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in the works.