Mafia III Is Out Now, Here’s The Launch Trailer

The time is now. The open-world game Mafia III is now released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Mafia series has been a niche GTA-like origins, with the first game remembered fondly by its interesting take of 1920s America, or woefully remembered for its many performance issues. Mafia II bodes better, but still retain a linear gameplay revolving around an empty open world. With Mafia III, the game is handed down to Hangar 13, a studio made out of industry veterans in the US as well as part of the core team from 2K Czech, the original developers of the series. Mafia III promises a full open-world to discover as you control Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran on a road of vengeance against the Italian Mob who murdered most of his crew from the black mob, the people he treated as his family.

Here’s the launch trailer:

If you’re planning to get it on PC, do note that the game is currently locked on 30fps, but a patch to enable 60fps and unlimited frames are on the way as soon as this weekend. A rather odd omission of a feature that, assuming how quick they are working on it and how quick the ETA for its release, should have been included on launch.

Maybe it’s better to wait for reviews before getting this one. But if third-person open-world GTA-like gameplay tickles your fancy, looks like there’s a lot of that in store.

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