Journey To The Savage Planet Is A Silly Exploration Game, Out Now

Journey To The Savage Planet is Typhoon Studio’s first game and it’s out now. The studio is founded by Assassin’s Creed III and Far Cry 4 director Alex Hutchinson, who is also in charge of directing this silly exploration game. Hutchinson describes the game as “a AAA passion project handcrafted by our small team.”

The game has you explore a colourful, alien planet with no gear and no plan. As you can see in the launch trailer, it has that cheeky capitalist tone to it, something akin to The Outer Worlds.

Journey To The Savage Planet has two-player co-op. And a lot about this game is apparently having you to explore and experiment with the flora and fauna you see.

“It’s a game about exploration and capitalism and jokes about falling down,” explains Hutchinson in a press release. “But it’s also a hearkening back to the games we played and loved as kids, when meandering and experimenting were rewarded more than getting straight from point A to B.”

“We hope it makes you laugh, and we hope you enjoy the journey as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

The game is out now on PS4, PC (Epic Games Store) and Xbox One. Physical release of the game on PS4 and Xbox One is coming on January 31st in selected countries.

This might be the last project Typhoon Studios have with 505 Games publishing. The studio was acquired by Google to join Stadia’s first-party developers recently.

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