Hot Wheels Unleashed Adds Gucci Cadillac For All Players In New Update

We Gucci now? Hot Wheels Unleashed just released a new update on all platforms, which makes some changes to how rewards are dished out in online races as well as… a Gucci car?

The “Cadillac Seville designed by Gucci” is now available to all players and you can find one in your collection.

If you’re wondering why did Hot Wheels Unleashed is having a random collab with the high-end fashion brand, it’s because it was Hot Wheels that had a random collab with the high-end fashion brand.

The limited-edition Hot Wheels x Gucci Cadillac Seville is a limited edition 1:64 die-cast model released last month, which is based on actual Gucci-fied 1979 Cadilac Seville, which was had a limited production run.

Getting the actual die-cast, or even more, the actual car, is an expensive venture given how limited they are, so it’s nice that everyone that plays Milestone’s rather excellent arcade racer a rare Gucci Cadilac.

Hot Wheels Unleashed has cars from real manufacturers, as well as other entertainment IPs, including the DC Universe and Street Fighter. A Gucci car is relatively a normal edition in this game.

As mentioned earlier, the same game update also see tweaks to how you get rewards from online races. Players will now also gain coins and racing season XP from the percentage of race completion alongside the finish position. Also, very short custom tracks will have no rewards.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is out now on the PS4, PS5, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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