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Hokuto Ga Gotoku Is A Fist Of The North Star Game, But With Yakuza Characters


Yakuza’s spin-off games can be a refreshing take on an old story, like Yakuza Ishin where the cast taking on roles of historical figures near the end of the era of feudal Japan, and really off-beat like Yakuza Dead Souls, a shooter in a zombie apocalypse.

This new spin off is taking a little bit of both. Hokuto Ga Gotoku will see the Yakuza cast taking roles in another IP- the Hokuto No Ken (Fist Of The North Star) series. That means you will be playing as Kenshiro, but with the voice and appearance of Yakuza protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.

If that sounds odd, maybe this trailer will help clarify things.

Don’t worry, despite having to use the Yakuza cast in some ways, the fisticuffs, the hallmark of the manga and anime series, is as over-the-top as ever. Kenshiro still goes “ATATATATATATA” when unleashing his flurry of punches. And exploding heads.

Hokuto Ga Gotoku is set to release in Japan by 2018 but no announcement whether it will get an English localisation just yet. However, if you think this game (alongside Yakuza Kiwami 2 and a new free-to-play Yakuza game) should get an English release, you can fill up this simple survey from Sega here.