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Here’s The First Trailer Featuring Gameplay Of Red Dead Redemption II

Open and deeper world


Rockstar’s highly-anticipated open-world game Red Dead Redemption II now has a gameplay trailer, breaking down some of its new systems. The trailer walks you through the many aspects of the open world that you will engage with as Arthur Morgan.

Being part of the Van Der Linde gang of outlaws, there will be times where the gang moves across the American frontier on the run, setting up camps in various places. You can contribute to the gang morale by helping things out such as hunting for food. Hunting has been fleshed out, showcasing quite a big ecosystem thanks to the game covering not only deserts but also mountain ranges and swamps.

Interaction with gang members and even the NPCs has been enhanced. Alongside the usual interaction of giving positive or negative remarks to pedestrians, there are now more context-sensitive prompts you can engage with, some may hold consequences more than any previous Rockstar games.

Horses play an important part as well, with various breeds having different personalities as well as good for different uses.

Have a look below:

This is part of an ongoing gameplay breakdown series. Now that the release date is closing by, we can expect more of videos like this to come soon enough.

Red Dead Redemption II will be out on October 26th for the PS4 and Xbox One.