Here’s New Details Of Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode, Firestorm

Battlefield V will feature a battle royale mode, as revealed at E3 2018. Now DICE are sharing more details on how the mode, called Firestorm, will play out.

Firestorm will be a 64-player affair, up to par to the biggest modes of the series so far. But you will only play it as a squad of four players. There will be an ever-shrinking ring that dictates the play area, but it’s now a ring of fire.

Littered around the map, the biggest in a Battlefield game, are objectives you and your squadmates can secure to get better gear or vehicles. Tanks are confirmed to be among these vehicles. Destructible buildings will also be seen in this mode.

Interestingly, the mode is being developed by Criterion Games. The studio that used to be the household name for Burnout continues to be in a supporting position for EA’s bigger titles.

Battlefield V will be out on November 20th on the PS4, PC and Xbox One. The open beta is now live.

Source: EA

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