Here’s More Screenshots Of Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is being shown at Gamescom right now, while there has yet to be any new information about the racing title, we do have more new screenshots to gawk at. While the e-sports focused entry of the long running racing seem to focus on track racing, rally will also be included. Here are some shots of new fantasy dirt track, dubbed Fishermans Ranch. Some of the shots include more car interior and the Nurburing. As expected, the graphics will be on point, a series staple. With the reduction of the car roster (instead of 1000+ we will see around 140 only), at least we can now have them all rendered in immaculate detail and have a reasonable release date to boot.

Take a look below (click to enlarge):

We will see how Gran Tursimo Sport succeed as a GT title and as a platform for competitive racing accessible to the mainstream soon, as it is still locked in for a November 15 release for the PS4.

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