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Have A Look At Devil May Cry 5’s Training Mode, The Void


At NYCC 2018, the Devil May Cry 5 panel revealed that a training mode will be made available. This would be the first for the character action series to have one.

Known as The Void, players can freely play around the training area. Very useful for beginners to have a place to understand the combat and practice combos, very handy for hardcore players to hit the lab and discover crazy or overpowered combos. There’s plenty of options that can be set to emulate specific instances or scenarios.

If you’ve played fighting games and familiar with those training modes, you’ll be right at home in The Void.

Here’s the video as debuted at Xbox X018  event. The video also talks about the Deluxe Devil Breakers for Nero, available as pre-order bonuses.

Devil May Cry will be stylishly hit the stores on March 8th 2019 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.