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Two New Weapons For Dante Shown At NYCC 2018 Devil May Cry 5 Panel

The return of the good boi and a fancy hat


Want more Devil May Cry 5 news? At a recent New York Comic Con (NYCC) panel, Capcom just showcased more of the weapons you have at disposal for Dante, as well as a detailed breakdown of the pre-order Devil Breakers for Nero.

Dante has two more weapons being showcased. One is the return of the good boi himself Cerberus. Debuted in Devil May Cry 3 as your very first new weapon pickup. After defeating the three headed dog demon that is the first boss in the game, you will gain the three-pronged ice nunchaku. But in DMC 5 Cerberus can morph into three forms- the ice nunchaku, a fire bo staff or a lighting chain staff.

The other is a bit crazier. The Faust Hat is.. a hat. That makes Dante do stylish poses and uses red orbs to deal out attacks. You can also throw the hat to enemies so it will drop more red orbs when attacked with another weapon.

For DMC 5, Dante can equip as much or as little weapons that you can swap on-the-fly unlike DMC 4 which has all the weapons available, for better or worse. If you fancy a playthough of throwing off hats to enemies, it’s possible.

More information of the whole panel can be found here.

Devil May Cry 5 will be out on March 8th, 2019 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Via Gematsu