Grid (2019) Will Have A Nemesis System

Codemasters’ long-dormant Grid franchise is coming back this year. Simply titled Grid, this entry is billed as a return to the roots of Race Driver: Grid.

Speaking to IGN, game director Chris Smith shared in length on how Grid (2019) is bringing back the elements the first entry did well which, the next two entries lost.

But the big takeaway here is how the driver AI and teammates are returning. Just like Race Driver: Grid, Grid (2019) will have huge pool of AI drivers across the many disciplines- over 400. 72 of them can be recruited as your teammate.

Rivals are racers who kept finishing above you, or the racers that kept finishing behind you in second place should you win.

Meanwhile, you can make a nemesis of other racers should you crash or rub them in races. Again, like the first game, Grid subscribes to the “rubbing is racing” philosophy, with elaborate damage models for each car.

Your nemesis, or a maximum of 5 nemeses per race if you are racing nasty, will be faster and more aggressive on-track.

Each of the AI racers can either be your teammate, rival or nemesis. Plus, your own teammate can be your closest rival or nemesis.

“[Teammates] may even start as a nemesis,”  said Smith. “They may absolutely hate you but you pick them.”

“You can have a guy that hates your guts but is a great driver and helps your team score, or a guy who’s not a very good driver but does everything you tell him to. These are stories.”

It’s not as elaborate as what you would see in the Shadow Of Mordor games and it’s not an entirely new thing for racing games (Nascar Thunder 2004 had a similar system as well).

But still, making nemesis (especially when they are your teammate) is a neat new addition to Grid, which, like the first game, really wants to capture the feel of the motorsport world, albeit with its own twist.

“We’re trying to simulate motorsport but we’re trying to add the Grid flavour,” said Smith. ” It’s a little dirty, a little bit more attitude, a little bit more rough and ready. But it’s still pure motorsport at its core.”

You can read the full interview by IGN here.

Grid (2019) will also let you race against two-time F1 World Champion and Le Mans 24hr winner Fernando Alonso and his esports team. The game will be out on PS4, PC (Steam) and Xbox One September 13th.

Source: IGN


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