Gran Turismo Sport Ends Live Service In January 2024

It’s the end of the road for Gran Turismo Sport. Developers Polyphony Digital has announced that the racing game for the PS4 will end online services on January 31, 2024.

All online functions including the Community, Open Lobby and Sport Mode (ranked races with matchmaking) will stop operations.

Everything within the Discovery tab, which includes custom liveries, vehicle and helmets, will be also be gone.

However, Career Mode progression, cars saved in the garage and car settings will remain available as GT Sport becomes permanently offline. All DLC purchases (like cars) will remain usable.

DLC purchases will end on December 1, 2023.

GT Sport was released in 2017, billed more as a spin-off as the sim racer direct its focus on competitive online racing. The game introduces Sport Mode, which allows players around the world to matchmake and compete in online races, with the best racers in the world eligible to compete in the FIA-Certified GT Championships, offline events hosted around the world.

Even after the launch of its sequel Gran Turismo 7, also available on PS4 as well as on PS5, GT Sport continued to be supported with new daily races being refreshed every week.

GT Sport was also notorious for having barely any single-player content, and requires an always active internet connection to save any progress.

The silver lining of this end-of-life announcement is that GT Sport will now be able to played offline. Though the loss of custom creations by the community will be sorely missed.

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Source: Gran Turismo

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