Gran Turismo 7 Celebrates Series’ 25th Anniversary With Mostly A Promo For GT World Series

This year marks the 25th anniversary for Gran Turismo, the long-running and influential racing game series by Polyphony Digital.

To mark the occasion, the next update for Gran Turismo 7, which should drop sometime this week, will have some additions to celebrate the occasion and mostly, it’s all a big promo to get you watch the Gran Turismo World Series.

The Gran Turismo World Series is essentially the esports side of GT. Initially an FIA-endorsed championship, the GT World Series see players competing online in two different championships, the Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup, where qualified top Gran Turismo players race for glory of winning either championship- the former a solo endeavour where players represent their home countries and the latter a team effort representing the various car manufacturers available in GT7. There’s also another championship that is part of this series, the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup.

Also, expect the debut of a new car in the form of a Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo. This should be an original design by the famous Italian car brand for the game.

The GT World Series will be wrapping up with a live event in Monaco, and from the PlayStation Blog post, it looks like the devs really, really, really want you to go watch it. A lot of the limited-time additions here are less about the series’ 25th anniversary and more a way to promote the GT World Series event at Monaco.

Here are the additions on GT7 pertaining to the GT World Series:

  • World Series banner (November 24-27)
    • Info on GT World Series and streams
  • Bonus Campaign banner (November 17-27)
    • Guess the winner of the three championships
    • Correct guess wins 1,000,000 credits each
    • Cannot change guess once picked
  • Viewer’s Campaign banner (November 25- December 5)
    • Watch the World Series stream, then answer an online quiz each day to win prizes
      • Day 1 (November 25, 12 AM Malaysia Time GMT+8 – November 26, 12 AM)
        • 1,000,000 credits
      • Day 2 (November 26-27, same time)
        • Special parts ticket (large)
      • Day 3 (November 27-28, same time)
        • Engine Swap ticket
      • Day 4 (November 27- December 4)
        • Ferrari Vision GT car
    • Prizes for Day 1-3 to be distributed on November 30
    • Prize for Day 4 to be distributed on December 15
  • Gran Turismo 25th Anniversary banner (November 25 – January 3)
    • Special races with “increased points”
    • Participating unlocks the Red Bull X2019 25th Anniversary livery car

In addition to that, from November 25 to December 5, Sport Mode (the ranked competitive mode) will see increased rewards (at least twice the payout). Events from Daily Races, Online Time Trials and Point Races will be a recreation of the GT World Series World Final events as seen on the livestreams.

And lastly, the custom liveries used in the GT World Series World Finals will be able to download in the Showcase menu.

The blog post has yet to divulge on what’s the usual content drop for this month’s free update, but expect new cars and if we’re lucky, maybe a new track, added to GT7 this month.

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