Gran Turismo 7 Announced For PS5, Bringing Back Classic Fantasy Tracks And Full-On Career Mode

It’s happening, as expected. Polyphony Digital is working on Gran Turismo 7, the next numbered entry to the PlayStation-exclusive racing sim.

Unlike Gran Turismo Sport, this numbered title will carry the legacy of a proper numbered title. After a sizzle reel, the trailer shows off GT Town, a city-based menu akin to past Gran Turismo’s simulation mode: buy used cars, buy car parts and more.

Long-teased to be in the works, GT7 is bringing back more of the classic Polyphony-designed original fantasy tracks.

The first to be showcased is Trial Mountain, now located in Sierra Nevada region of the US. It’s redesigned to fit modern sensibility, including the final corner, which cannot be cut anymore as it’s a proper walled chicane now. RIP corner-cutting jumps, but it’s for the better.

Also, Daytona International Speedway is coming back, as spotted in the game UI.

Expect to see cars from the past and present- with most of cars from GT Sport made an appearance including the like the latest Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept. But also new ones like the BAC Mono and Porsche 917K.

Dynamic weather may be a thing- we see a timelapse of clouds moving in the sky, but we shall see if a full day-night cycle is coming.

No release date has been announced for Gran Turismo 7, but it is indeed coming to the PS5.

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