Geoff Keighley Tempers Expectations Ahead Of Summer Game Fest 2024

Summer Game Fest showrunner Geoff Keighley went on stream on Twitch recently for a live Q&A ahead of this year’s showcase event, which more or less replaced E3 as the tentpole summer event for video game news.

The main takeaway is that we shouldn’t be expecting too much when it comes to big reveals or even a “one last thing”. But there’s still some surprises in the form of smaller games from smaller studios getting the spotlight.

Keighley points out that “it’s been an interesting time for the [games] industry… it’s been a challenging past year with everything that’s going on with the layoffs, the studio closures and honestly, so far this year, it’s been a lot quieter with big game releases.”

This is probably the few instances the showrunner and industry veteran made any mention of the ongoing layoffs and redundancies being faced by game companies around the world, especially after the events at The Game Awards 2023.

And he also of the opinion that the entirety of the summer will generally have less surprises in store for us. “I think it’s gonna be generally a little bit more quieter this summer in terms of crazy new announcements and shocking surprises,” he said.

Keighley also confirms that there won’t be a GTA VI trailer during the Summer Game Fest. When Twitch chat keep bringing up Kingdom Hearts (there’s a fourth one coming). Keighley responded by simply smiled and say “people are setting themselves up for failure.”

But here are something to expect from the Summer Game Fest 2024 showcase:

  • Palworld
  • Metaphor: ReFantzio
  • Monster Hunter Wilds
  • More “unexpected” games from smaller/independent studios

Summer Game Fest 2024 will be a two-hour live showcase, going live on June 8, 5 AM Malaysia Time. There won’t be a musical act this time around (thank goodness).

For a full schedule of the many summer game showcases of 2024 in Malaysia Time, check out our round-up here.

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