Introducing The “Summer Games Showoff” Announcement Schedule

Well, we have made it to the business-end of the year. The time where consumers, reporters and developers huddled together into a physical or virtual hall to see what new video games shall be shown, in a time where uncertainty within the industry is at an all time high.

Starting tomorrow morning on May 31st, right until June 11th, we’re doing the yearly midnight shift to see what video games and expansions are heading to your screen later this year. This week is for you, E3.

(Note, all of this time has been converted to Malaysian time of GMT+8)

PlayStation Showcase

May 31st, 6 AM

Once again, Sony shall be greeting us with their latest State of Play, this time being a smaller affair with 30 minutes of PS5 and PSVR2 games, so expect them to be an interesting selection of games.

Summer Game Fest

June 8, 5 AM

Time skip ahead to the first week of June, and we’ll have the reigning event of the year that is Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, with a ton of partners this year showcasing their work towards a captive audience. And that’s not all, as following after SGF, they will also be highlighting games from Day of the Devs, Latin American Game Showcase and the Women-led Games the following day.

Devolver Digital

June 8, 8 AM

Immediately after SGF, is of course the yearly showcase by the folks at Devolver and their uniquely on-brand video skits that comically highlights the state of the game’s industry at the moment, whilst somehow promoting their games as well. Also happy birthday Volvy!

Future of Play Direct 

June 8, 11 PM

Indies spotlights starts later that evening with the Future of Play Direct, hosted by AI Vtuber broadcaster Melios and GLITCH, it’ll kick off the activities with an hour showcase of mostly indies titles, as they did last year.

Wholesome Games Direct

June 9, 12 AM

Then we slow things down, for technically our 3rd day of our schedule, with Wholesome Games Direct, where cozy and uniquely charming games will be shown here.

Gamesradar’s Future Games Show

June 9, 3 AM

Gamesradar’s show has always been a sleeper hit, and sort of a prelude towards the bigger showcase later on, with a pretty good mix of indie, AA and even AAA games have popped up here first. So keep an eye out on this one.

Xbox And Activision Showcase

June 10, 1 AM

So here it is, perhaps one of the most scrutinized showcases out of the lot, with much that’s happened within the past 365 days, you wouldn’t be wrong to put this one on a microscope. Xbox has to pull something out of the bag to get people to talk positively about them this time. And after the show, they’ll head into a COD focus direct about their latest endeavors with Treyarch and Raven Software.

PC Gaming Show

June 10, 4 AM

The 2nd last of the announcement block is the PC Gaming show, so expect another slew of games that are focused on the PC side of things.

Ubisoft Forward 

June 11 

And to wrap the week of announcement this year is Ubisoft with their showcase, so expect the new Assassin’s Creed Shadow and Star Wars Outlaws to take center stage as they are gearing up for those game’s release and perhaps even some surprises, who knows.

There might be many more announcement coming that might pop-up here and there, so check back on our website for any updates, so please enjoy the upcoming week of games.

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