Kingdom Hearts IV Announced

Square Enix revealed that Kingdom Hearts IV is in development. Announced at the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event, this will be another sequel to the Square Enix-Disney mashup action RPG series.

Labelled as “The Lost Master Arc”, Kingdom Hearts IV will see the return of series protagonist Sora, in another revised getup, but also in a new world similar to ours. Fans who have followed the many twists and turns of Kingdom Hearts lore enough to do a lecture presentation might have more clues on what’s going on.

The trailer definitely has a bunch of the spectacle action of more recent titles, and more people dressed in long black coats, as well as an appearance of Donald and Goofy.

No platforms or release date has been given for Kingdom Hearts IV.

The main Kingdom Hearts series has been long dormant until the recent release of Kingdom Hearts III in 2019. Though it’s being kept alive with its many, many side releases that we hesitate to call spin-offs as it all feeds into the huge and convoluted lore of the whole series.

Speaking of, the event also revealed that mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road will be out in August 2022 and Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, also a mobile game, will enter closed beta this year.

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