gamescom Asia Announced For 2020, Taking Place Of GameStart Asia

GameStart Asia returns for 2019, but will see a change of name in 2020. Southeast Asia’s biggest gaming event will now be branded under gamescom next year.

gamescom is the biggest trade show event in Europe, and has open doors for the public to attend, something E3 only started to adopt. The expansion to Asia should get more eyes to see the region being a big part in the game industry, and possibly even bigger news and announcements as it breaks here first.

As such, GameStart Asia as the event is known right now will have its last hurrah this year on October 12 and 13th. But the organisers are still open to host Game Start Asia outside of Singapore.

GameStart Asia was first held in Singapore in 2014. Last year, it has started branching out with more events spread around Southeast Asia.

Source: GameStart

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