Furi Is A Character Action Game With Only The Boss Fights

Take one cool hero, make them have flashy and useful moves and you have the basics of a character action game. Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Heavenly Sword, No More Heroes, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Those kinds of games. But strip off all the hordes and cannon fodder of most levels and just include the crazy and sometimes inventive boss fights, you’ll get a game Furi aims to be.

Made by the folks at the Game Bakers, they have made mobile beat-em-ups in the past, their breakthrough Combo Crew is a definite highlight, and has now ventured to developing console games. Furi is their noble attempt to distil the fun of character action games by just focusing on the boss fights, making each one a battle of not physical prowess- pressing the right buttons at the right time- but also of wit. Figuring out attack patterns and discovering weaknesses and advantageous opportunities of each boss on your own, like older games by Japanese developers used to do it.

You can read up this interesting post on the Playstation Blog where one of the developers share insights on Furi, the philosophies of the game and how they developing it. They even referenced the cult hit (but terribly received critically) God Hand. Don’t expect Furi to be a walk in the park.

Also, check out this cool gameplay trailer of one of the mentioned boss fights. Love the music, but the top-down camera is something odd for a character action game. Hopefully it’s just something that can be getting used to.

Furi is set to release this year on the PS4, but no exact date has been specified. We’ll keep you posted as new info is available.

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