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Frostpunk’s Free Survivor Mode Is Now Available

Good Luck Surviving That


Frostpunk, the excellent little city-builder game that’s also pretty hard, has now received a free update which adds a harder mode called Survivor Mode. This is for the players that have completed the three scenarios in the hardest difficulty.

In Survivor mode, you only have one active saves that will save automatically and no manual saves- it’s Ironman Mode in essence. But not only that, you also cannot pause the time anymore- time only pauses when you’re in the options menu. So only seasoned Commanders who knows what to do will have their mettle tested and how quick you can think on your feet, especially when things go awry.

This is one of the free DLCs that has been outlined with a roadmap leading to the end of the year, with more free updates and bug fixes to follow.

We really like Frostpunk, which we reviewed here.