Frostpunk Adds Endless Mode For Free, Now It’s A Proper City Builder Game

We build this city

Frostpunk is an excellent little city builder that is not afraid to make you think hard on making tough choices. But at its core, it is played based on a few set scenarios with objectives to hit and a linear storyline to experience.

It’s all well-handed, we love it as per our review. But it would be nice if you can just play it endlessly with only the goals you set yourselves like other city builders. Thankfully you can now with the new update.

As promised in a previously-released roadmap, Endless mode is now here. As you would expect, you have free reign to build your city with only the limited resources, tumultuous weather and demands of your people your only obstacles. But if you prefer less of a challenge and just want to build cool-looking steampunk buildings, there’s an option for that too.

In addition, you also get three new maps, randomised frostlands, a new archive mechanic and new city decorations. All for free.

Frostpunk is out now on PC.


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