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Fortnite Season X Ends With A Black Hole, Chaos Ensues


Yesterday, the latest season of Fortnite ended with a bang.

Like a Literal BANG, as the game world during its final hour was struck with a barrage of rockets and a meteor for good measure. We then see the game world, players and all, getting sucked into a black hole,rendering the game unplayable.

Here what it looks like in the lobby:

Not like the usual downtime for a new season, this has been going on for almost 12 hours at the time of writing, and even Epic Games has purged the Fortnite Twitter account to just show this livestream.

With the thought of their hardwork perhaps being lost in the current downtime, PlayStation has acknowledge that all player’s items and currency are safe and will not disappear.

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With the total of 6 Million Co-current viewers currently watching with bated breath of what’s been going on, we’re curious to see what awaits us later.