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Fortnite Developers Epic Accidentally Enabled Xbox One and PS4 Cross-Platform Play


Rocket League developers Psyonix is one of the biggest champions on demanding cross-platform play across all current gaming platforms, even citing that the implementation is metaphorically simple as “push of a button”.

So simple that a bug in Epic’s Early Access crafter-shooter Fortnite enabled it by mistake.

Cross-platform play is already available in many ways, like Xbox One to PC and PC to PS4 (and even Xbox One to Nintendo Switch with the upcoming Minecraft update). But Xbox One to PS4 cross-platform play is still elusive thanks not to technical demands, but to have each platform owner agree (read: Sony) to let it be done.

As pointed out by Reddit user PRE_-CISION-_, they have spotted that Xbox One players were connected to his game on PS4. The kill feed displayed names with spaces, which is impossible to do on PS4, but is allowed on Xbox.

From there, various other proofs emerged, indicating that Fortnite is enabling Xbox One to PS4 cross-platform play.

Epic has confirmed that players on PS4 and Xbox One did get to play together, but it was an error on their part.

“We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected,” goes the quote from an Epic spokesperson.

This goes to show that cross-platform play is totally possible. Not only it is as simple as a push of a button, it can even be triggered accidentally as a bug.