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Fortnite Creative Mode Announced


Leading up to The Game Awards, Epic Games have teased a new announcement for Fortnite on the show. It was then later clarified that it is not just about the start of Season 7.

However, a video leaked early detailing a new permanent mode that is coming to the game, joining the Save The World co-op PvE mode and the ever-popular Battle Royale mode.

Epic has now announced it officially. Creative is the next new permanent mode.

Similar to the limited-time Playground mode offered in the past, this is a complete sandbox mode for you and your squad to build to your heart’s content. The mode gives you access to your own private island to mess around with. Either train and get a grasp of the many mechanics, make your own game modes or build some cool stuff with the building mechanics. All creations in Creative are saved.

It’s just like Minecraft now, in a lot of ways.

Access to Creative begins on December 6th for Battle Pass owners. Everyone will get access to the mode for free beginning on December 13th.

Last year, Epic revealed a limited-time 50 V 50 teams mode for Fortnite Battle Royale at The Game Awards.