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For Honor Marching Fire Expansion Brings Free Content, Graphics Upgrade And New Modes, Out Now


For Honor is such a promising multiplayer action/fighting game. We loved what we’ve played during the early beta days last year, but after launch, it has been through some dips. Not ideal network issues thanks to its peer-to-peer connection setup, imbalanced heroes and grinding nature to the point of exploitative have caused many to drop the game off.

Yet Ubisoft continues to keep on improving it. Now there’s dedicated servers. They backed down on an exploitative change fans called them out for. And now we are getting a new expansion.

As first revealed at E3 this year, the Marching Fire expansion adds both free content for existing For Honor players and some new paid content. A new game mode called breach is added where you either defend or attack a castle. Graphics are getting upgraded.

As for the paid expansion, it includes Arcade mode where players will face against random challenges, from 1-on-1 fights to objective-based skirmishes. Those that buy the expansion also gets access to the new four heroes from the new Wu Lin faction, the fourth to join the existing tug of war between the Vikings, Knights and Samurais.

The new heroes will be available for everyone else to unlock using in-game currency after two weeks of exclusivity.

The free update and expansion is out now, available on PS4, PC and Xbox One.