Flaky’s 2017 Top 5 GOTY List.

So, 2017 was a year where stuff happens, mostly stuff that was deemed “Not Cool” by folks who still talk like it’s 2007. But more importantly.Video Games were, as usual, abundance in scope, style, gameplay and of course controversy but let’s not go there today. For this is the list of games that are seen as the best for this writer and these games are all different between each other and who doesn’t want to see that? So, here’s My short but sweet Top 5 GOTY choices. Starting with a bit of “Your Reality”.


5) Doki Doki Literature Club (Team Salvato)

I don’t think I need to mention anything here that many people who wouldn’t know. From the moment that people on Twitter noticed that this game carries a “Psychological Horror” tag on the usually mis-tag spot on Steam, you know you’re bound for a wild ride. Never trust those cutesy anime aesthetic as the game is one of the five that you readers MUST try. Also it’s free so why not, right?


4) Cook Serve Delicious! 2! (Vertigo Gaming)

What’s this? A unknown game about cooking that not a lot of gamers knew about  Yup,we’re going to obscurity central for some stressful R&R. Cook Serve Delicious 2 is what happens if you mixed the rhythm games genre like Rhythm Fever with the hectic button pressed nature of QTEs and a pinch of Food Network’s show Chopped for good measure.. High recommended for those wanting to feel how catering company and restaurants deal with the threat of RUSH HOUR.


3) Pyre (Supergiant Games)

A game whose gameplay which boiled down to RPG Basketball is the most stylistic among my list (P.S I haven’t played Persona 5 so that’s vetoed) and it has that Supergiant games charm that shows in their last two game, Music, artstyle and story that might be memorable to some. So if you want to try a different version of Basketball, Try this one.


2) Resident Evil 7 (Capcom)

Remember when Capcom first release the RE7 Playable teaser, people were genuinely shocked and scared playing Clancy’s Day Off? And when their 2.0 demo came out and people finally getting a Pistol only to realize that you only have 4 shots on the enemy. The tension was real. And though that tension was only present on two of the game’s boss battles, it shows that the current dev team knows what it takes to make a good Resident Evil game. Let’s hope they can roll with it when RE8 is announced.


1) NieR: Automata (Square Enix/ PlatinumGames) 

I still remember trying that Japanese demo for the first time. 2B falls onto the ground and you automatically go hack and slash on the robots. Straight to the point, then straight to a boss fight.  Even though I haven’t played any of the Drakengard games (and I will after Automata), I would defend NIeR Gestalt with my life and gladly defend this series forever. Taro-san is an eccentric man, (I mean, this game is based on a live-action drama that’s based on a short story which is based on a game that follows on another ending of another series all together) and if Square elect to make either another NieR or remaster Drakengard, give this man his chair as director.

And that’s it, An arbitrary list of good games that you may or may not care but it’s has been an interesting year for games. Here’s to 2018 for more games, Good or bad. It makes for an interesting read anyway.

Have a good 2018,folks~


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