Exoprimal Second Open Beta Test Goes Live This Week, Now With Story Content

Exoprimal, Capcom’s dino-busting multiplayer shooter and not in any way related to its other survival horror series with dinosaurs, is getting a second open beta test this weekend.

The Open Beta starts from June 16, 12 AM UTC to June 18, 11.59 PM UTC (June 16, 8 AM to June 19, 7.59 AM Malaysia Time, +8 GMT).

While the first Open Beta was to test cross-play matchmaking, this second round of testing will see a story opening, story-related missions and also 10-player co-op missions.

The main game mode, Dino Survival, has also been tweaked based on feedback of the first test.

Play the second Open Beta and complete the survey (which should be emailed to you after it has concluded) and you’ll get a download code for the Flash (Zephyr) Exosuit Skin.

Exoprimal is a multiplayer online shooter, but interestingly, it will weave in a story in-between matches. The latest trailer drops some more lore into why dinosaurs are appearing at scheduled times and require a team of exosuit pilots to clear them out.

Also, Capcom revealed at the Capcom Showcase 2023 stream a new game mode: Savage Gauntlet. A team of five players compete for the fastest clear time as a weekly challenge, where the rules change every week. Fans who have clear raids in record time in other games, or really, really like Outriders’ endgame, should find this mode up their alley.

Exoprimal Post-Launch Content Drop

Exoprimal will be a live game, and the first title update is already scheduled to drop a month after the game’s release. This will see the release of 10 variant suits, exosuits of the same ability but with different weapon loadouts. The first example shown is the Deadeye α, which replaces the usual assault rifle with a shotgun that can do short-range spread shots or a five-shot burst.

In addition, a special limited-time collab with Street Fighter 6 will be available in Fall 2023. Exosuit skins that look like Ryu and Guile, Hadoken emotes and more will be added. This was announced earlier in the Summer Game Fest 2023 opening show.

Exoprimal will be released on July 14 for the PS4, PS5, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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