Exoprimal Has Cross-Play But No Cross-Play Parties At Launch

It’s cool to see more games these days launch with the cross-play, a shorthand for cross-platform matchmaking. But it’s important to note that cross-play doesn’t necessarily include the ability to party up with friends across other platforms. That’s cross-play parties.

Another upcoming game that has cross-play but no cross-play parties is Capcom’s multiplayer shooter Exoprimal. The 5v5 team shooter with PVP and PVE elements, and dinosaurs, will include cross-play at launch but not cross-play parties, as clarified on this Twitter thread as a response to community discussions about the game.

At launch, players within the following platform ecosystem can invite each other into parties, so you can play as a team together:

  • Xbox: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows
  • PlayStation: PS4, PS5
  • Steam

This should be rather straightforward, players of the same console family can invite each other.

But it’s important to note that PC players are not in the same bucket. If you’re playing the Microsoft Store version (hence, labelled as Windows), which is the one you’ll be playing in should you download the game via PC Game Pass, you cannot invite players on Steam. But you can invite other players on Xbox consoles.

Capcom has also said that they will be “investigating ways to allow you to play together with your friends on other platforms”.

Various games have a workaround to get cross-platform parties. This includes using a room code, or having the game require the use of a separate, unifying account.

There are also examples of games that have added cross-play parties later in its life, like Chivalry II.

So at the moment, if you’re gearing up to play Exoprimal with friends, especially on PC, cross-play parties are not available yet. So the safe option is still to ensure your friend group playing on the same platform/console family.

Cross-play as it is in Exoprimal, however, is still beneficial in that it unifies the matchmaking pool, so it’s more likely for players to get a full lobby of players.

Exoprimal will launch this week, July 14, on PS4, PS5, PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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