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Evo 2018: G And Sagat For Street Fighter V Gameplay Revealed, Out Tomorrow

Bow down to Mr. Worldwide President. And Sagat


Before the start of the Top Finals of Evo 2018, Capcom dropped a big bombshell of a reveal. We knew ahead of time that G and long-time favourite Sagat are part of the Season 3 Character Pass and G is supposed to be shown this weekend.

What we did not expect was to see gameplay of G and Sagat together. And both characters will be available tomorrow.

Here’s some gameplay of G. Self-fashion as the President Of The World, the man is dressed similar to Abraham Lincoln, and speaks like one too. But his hands are flaming and have the strength to grapple dudes. His V-Triggers are simply called “Maximum President” and “Dangerous President”.

He also has a story costume that looks reminiscent of Street Fighter III’s Q.

Sagat, the final character of the Season Pass was also revealed. He keeps most of his moves which falls in the familiar shoto archetype. But what makes him different from the likes of Ryu is his slow movement, compensated with his longer range for moves.

Both characters will be available to Season Pass owners tomorrow. They can also be bought for 100,000 Fight Money or real money.