E3 2019: Here’s New Gameplay Of Borderlands 3, Featuring Moze The Gunner In The Swamps Of Eden-6

Borderlands 3 had a big showing on the many E3 2019 media showcases. It appeared on Xbox’s, did a Q&A at the PC Gaming Show, and it was on AMD’s Next Horizons stage as well talking about the technical, graphical stuff coming to the looter-shooter.

Yet none of them really showed the new gameplay of a build playable at the E3 show floor.

So, on Gearbox’s YouTube page is a 10-minute video of gameplay featuring the new content. After Amara and Zane getting the spot in the official reveal, here comes Moze The Gunner, whose active ability is to summon and pilot the Iron Bear mech.

A glimpse of the skill tree shows that you have two skill slots to determine what weapon Iron Bear is equipped with, and one skill augments for each hand. Weapons include mini-guns, guided rockets, railguns and flamethrowers.

A breakdown of the full skill tree can be found here.

The new swamp area on the planet of Eden-6 is a new environment you get to explore. The gameplay video showed how you can stray from the critical path and find some extra goodies like a treasure chest full of loot. You still face off psychos here, including the massive Goliath that will be enraged and gets stronger if you headshot him enough times.

Borderlands will be out on September 13th for the PS4, PC (Epic Games Store) and Xbox One.


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