We Talked A Lot About EVO 2019, The Game Development Scene In Malaysia And Got Attacked By An Enemy Stand In The Latest Episode Of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast

Is this a JoJo reference?!?!

In this episode on dia.log – The Gamer Podcast, Anan tried catfighting in Yakuza 0 and now has a MIDI keyboard. Danial gave a status update on Malaysia’s Roblox Community. Wam has issues about Warhammer 40K’s Space Marines he needs to air out.

Meanwhile, Meck is being attacked by an enemy Stand.

The dia.log crew also talked a lot about the event that was EVO 2019, as well as the recent Malaysian Digital Corporation (MDEC) event where Level Up KL 2019 is announced. We shared our experiences of talking with MDEC’s Hasnul Hadi and also Metronomik’s Wan Hazmer and Magnus Game Studio’s DC Gan.

If you happen to suddenly be getting a surge of interest of all things JoJo, let us know, we must further our understanding of the JoJo Machine.

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