Demo For Kill La Kill IF Now Available On PS Store Asia

That anime fighter based on Kill La Kill, Kill La Kill IF, now has a demo and is out now on PS4.

The demo lets you play as four different characters, the main rivalry pair of Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin plus two of the Elite Four: Ira Gamagori and Uzu Sanageyama.

If you’re familiar with anime fighters like those Naruto games, or just a fan of the pretty good anime by Studio Trigger, this might be of your fancy. It has some interesting mechanics that won’t require complex inputs.

You can download it now from PS Store Asia here.

Kill La Kill IF will feature an all-new “IF” plotline just for the game in its Story Mode. It will be out on July 25th for the PS4, PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch


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